Brighton Day Trip!


On Sunday my sister, my father and I went on a road trip to Brighton for the day, are intentions were to buy my mum some birthday gifts as her birthday is coming up. Me and my sister both came up with the idea as we had never really been to Brighton properly before and wanted to some what explore the area as well.
So after are 2+ hours of travelling in the car, we hit the shopping centre and searched for gifts for mum, after finding a few gifts, my sister insisted that we went to Hollister where she brought her self a jumper, and then it carried on where she brought some things from New Look then followed by Jack Wills whereas I went in ever shop just browsing and didn't buy a thing, and if anybody knows me, knows I love spending lots of money on myself, so I thought I had done really well not spending any.
The one thing I also loved about Brighton was the Lanes, I loved how you could possible just go around in circles and end up in the same place as you started or that you could turn down a lane and there could be all different types of cafés or teashops, and the same with different boutiques and jewellers.
Luckily for us the day stayed dry and actually started to get very warm by the late afternoon and to top it off our parking ticket got blocked so we had to call the maintenance to help sort out the problem haha.
I hope you all had a nice weekend and have a good week ahead of you! 

Here are some pictures I took of the lanes.
P.s They are not the best I had to keep walking due to many people. Also I said my next post was going to be more fashion based and I haven't, so I have planned to do one so look for that in the not so distant future!

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