London Day Trip!


So yesterday me and the family visited London, the weather was beautiful and everyone was in an amazing mood, so the day was going perfect. After getting off at St Pancras International we caught the underground to Waterloo (yes I know you have the change lines in between but I'm trying to keep this short) and we had decided to go on the London Eye, what none of us had ever been on or haven't been on for years. But I don't know what it was but London wasn't busy at all we brought our tickets and were basically queued for 10-15 minutes and then we were on. So when on the Eye, the weather was bliss, the views were stunning but the only thing I could hear was a father who knew about the sights to much and spoke very loudly who by the end I was glad I'd never hear him again but other than that it was perfect.

Next we walked to Covent Gardens and ate at Maxwell's, which was absolutely delicious sadly not enough room for dessert but our waitress was lovely and it was a great late lunch. We then decided to chill round Covent Gardens and I decided to have a little stroll on my own and look at all the shops whilst everyone else watched the entertainment, I visited Lush, Dr Martens, Urban Outfitters and many others, but I didn't spend any money at all, thank god! But I did buy a sneaky Starbucks, I tried one of the Cool Lime Refresha what was so nice

After meeting back up with the others we decided to walk to St James's Park and have an ice cream and a sit down which was lovely and relaxing seeing everyone else trying to catch a cheeky tan, also the weather by now was even hotter and the sun was still out in full force. From then we walked to Buckingham Palace to go see the Queen and we spent some time watching the guards out front, after this we walked back to Charing Cross to catch the tube to Euston and then Euston back to St Pancras International but then I had to stop off at WHSmiths to buy my brother what I had promised a magazine for the train back home!

Hope you all had a lovely Monday like I did!

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