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Hey Guys! 
So today's post is all about my favourite purchases from the month of September.

Lets kick off the review by starting with two shirts that I picked up last week when I went shopping and spent more than I was implying to.

So I brought two Shirts from Ralph Lauren, where I am from we have a Designer Outlet and brands from Calvin Klein to Abercombie & Fitch to Superdry to obviously Ralph Lauren are there. Anyway both shirts were on sale for £24.99 each but luckily my best friend is an employee there so I got a 30% off voucher for family and friends, on top of my purchase! 

So starting first with this Shirt, it is a white shirt with dark blue stripes printed vertically. The Ralph Lauren logo is a newer one with two players in different colours playing polo and in a larger format than to the normal one coloured logo. I really love the style of the shirt because I can wear it on smart occasions but also if i'm going on a casual day out. 

Secondly, is the second shirt I brought what I thought would be great for me to wear to school, this shirt has smaller and more stripes than the previous shirt and also the discrete logo would also be nicely hidden under a blazer or a cardigan, but also I could wear this on a casual day out also.

So next are this oversized-circle sunglasses that I saw another blogger had purchased and had been pictured wearing in her OOTD's. They are all black and what I love about these are they aren't huge on my face and I have had good reviews from my family saying they suit me and they fact they are black means they will go with everything I am wearing which is a plus! These I pruchased from Ebay!

So last but not least, I paid a visit to the Body Shop which is also at the Outlet so their products are less than you would pay at a normal shop. I paid 4 pounds for each bottle but at the moment they are doing a deal - 20% off if you buy 2 items, 30% off if you buy 3 items and 40% off if you buy 4 or more items.

I brought the Strawberry shower gel, I don't know how it came around but we used to have a little tester version in our shower and instantly loved it and secondly I brought the Mango version. The feel of the product on my skin is so relaxing and the outcome was that my skin felt so soft and refreshed afterwards. The one thing what makes these two products even more appealing is the smell of them the Strawberry smell is sharp and also very captivating whilst the Mango is very 
sweat and fruity smelling.

Thank You for checking this post out!

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