My Favourite Gifts and Purchases of Christmas 2013


Happy New Year Readers!

I hope you all had a lovely New Year.

So I happened to have gone to Westfield's Stratford City, London on the look out to find some Chelsea Boots, reason behind this is because my suede ones from ASOS that I love are falling apart and I wanted to get some leather ones so I could also use them for School shoes, that's my excuse for purchasing them, I know what you thinking, Yes that's a very good excuse. After searching in almost every store I finally found a pair that I loved, obviously my favourite brand, Dr Martens which I purchased at the Dr Marten Store, even though they come at a price of £110, the quality of them and the style I preferred over any of the others I saw the whole day.

One of my favourite Christmas presents was given to me by my Dad and which was a complete shock/suprise to me. I think Mum might of had a little bit of an input into the purchase of these, but I have wanted a pair of these for a couple of months and was never sure of how much I wanted them, but I asked for them for Christmas and am so glad I did, they're called Nike Roshe Run and they are probably the most comfortable shoes I have possibly ever owned or worn, and wish I got them soon!

Another gift I was given to by my Mum was aftershave, and I was surprised by the choice she made as I had never heard, seen or smelt it which is risky with me as I am a little fussy with the smell of my aftershaves, but this one is called Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger which smells to me like ocean meets a sweet Yankee candle, rubbish description I know but I didn't realise how hard it is to write a scent into words. But overall I love the smell and will probably purchase this again. (PS. I realised I didn't photograph the bottle, sorry.)

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know it's a little rusty but I am trying my best to get back into the swing of it all! 

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  1. Great post!!Love reading your blog,so entertaining