broom broom


Hey guys!

This is a little update on what's going on in my little life bubble!

This week has been absolutely crazy, I passed my driving test finally! Which is mad I never thought the day would come and now that I cruising around is so cool. I have been doing lifts, going out for dinner most nights and even car-aoke (like what i did there!) belting out the classic ballads, one of the favourites for my friends and I to sing/scream so far is Christina Aguilera - Beautiful!

Another thing that happened on the weekend is I got my ears pierced, one lobe and my tragus something I have always wanted and wasn't allowed to get done (Mum) but finally she let me and I got it done! I love them and I already planning on my next piercings, sorry Mum.

Oh, and another thing, I got an offer from the University of my choice, and so I am so ecstatic and over the moon, I have a few more interviews and hopefully get some more offers, and then finally decide fully, and I will let you all know what my final choices, so finally I may have a chance to escape this place and live some of my dreams (so cheesy, I know).

Let me know what you guys have been up to this week?

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