Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful, memory making christmas!

Christmas for me was one hell of a rush but was so enjoyable, I ended up working on christmas eve here in london, (people in retail, you'll feel my pain) But luckily enough my sister and dad came and picked me up when i finished my shift and so we set of south to the lovely county of Kent back to my hometown. Also Adam, one of my best friends from Uni also came with us as he too was spending christmas with me!

Left to right - Adam and me
As you can image it being busy enough on the roads it took us an hour and fourty minutes to get out of London, whereas it took under half hour for my sister and dad to get in, and so i missed christingle which you dont know is a service held at church on the early eve of christmas, and basically the whole town gathers and the kids get the oranges with the candles, and its all cute lite up and the church is full of twinkling lights, you get the picture of which i wanted Adam to experience but unfortunately we couldnt make it.
Christmas Eve was great, met up with my mum and a few of her friends in the pub and we drank a few drinks, and then Rhiannon thought tequila was in order, well put it this way i wished i had licked the ground outside it would of tasted better, so it was my desicion for Jågerbombs to be brought and this carried on a few times. At the end of the night we all grabed a kebab, and me and Adam ended up watching a movie.
Left to Right - Rhiannon, Me and Adam
Christmas Day waking up at 7 was a hard one, suffering just a little bit from the night before, it was my turn this year, two years before was my cousin who was spaced out on the couch. But seeing my little brother so excited was great, and I had really lovely gifts, espically my food package i recieved from my mums best friend, Vikki and her family, in side was crisps, nutella and toilet paper, when your a Uni student these are must have espically on minimum income! Then i went a saw my dads side of the family and chilled with them for a couple of hours, and then came back to my Mum's house and had christmas dinner with every single member of the family there. (by the way mum, it was cooked to perfection!)
In the evening whilst chilling, my best friend Holly arrived and we sat around chilling and then ended back in the pub catching up drinking again and this escalated back to mine, where we played music and carried on drinking.
Then that brings us to today, i was up at half 7 to come back to London to work again this evening which i have just come back from, so im off to catch up on some sleep!

Tell me what you got up to this christmas!

Happy New Year!

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