New Year Resolutions!


Hi all, so its that time of the year where everybody starts thinking about their goals for the next year, so i wanted to share some of mine with you guys!
Here are 5 that i hope to accomplish through 2015.

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1 - Travel - I want to see more than a beach or a hotel when i go abroad. I want to explore go to countries where i have never been to, or go to countries i have been to but not the holiday resorts but to the cities and explore. When i mean travelling as well i don't mean going abroad, i mean also exploring the UK also, i realise i have never been north of London, that i can remember more than once. I want to go see Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle etc etc, this is now achievable as well as i have close friends i have met through University from these areas, and there have already been talk of visiting them in the holidays. But also Norway, i leave to go to Norway Sunday night, but my flight is Monday morning, if you asked me 3 months ago id be flying to Norway to see one of my best friends I'd tell you, you was lying but its really happening. I'm off to a country I had never thought about visiting.

2 - Weight Loss - I want to keep going with my weight loss and become more healthy, this from start eating fruit, even if its one piece a day. I have also been thinking about joining the local gym as well, to bring in some fitness and also to do something instead of laying in bed, i guess to make myself more pro-active.

3 - Budgeting - So this term at Uni, i have been awful with money, not being able to budget, I am currently so badly in my overdraft meaning that i have had to get a job over the Christmas period, especially next term its going to be more intense within my course so it will be far more difficult for me to work on top of that as well. So this year i want to make sure i do the correct decision although i know i am a shopaholic and sometimes i get carried away, i just want to make sure i cut it down, like instead of going to topman go to a charity shop make a way around problems.

4 -  Experiences - What i mean by this, is from life experiences or it could be work experience/internships. I want to improve myself if that is by getting an internship over the summer within a company, which i plan on looking into very soon. Life experiences i would like to do is something spontaneous this year, i don't really know, sky diving seems like one i would like to do but if i do it is another option, maybe i might do it as a charity thing but who knows. But i want to develop myself and improve myself.

So that leads me to my last resolution and that is

5 - To be happy! - I want to be this year more positive and embrace everything, for the first time in a long time I'm very happy with who i am, and where i am in my life. I'm currently in a city that i have dreamed to live in for years, studying Fashion that i have wanted for a long time also, but i have a tight knitted group around me to that make me smile everyday and who are there to pick me up when i do have my down days.

so that is my resolutions what are yours?  Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi I'm lewis (I'm going to be famous), my new years resolutions are;

    1. To be healthy within my diet and looking after my body leading to major weightloss (extreme makeover: uni edition)

    2. To succeed within work and a possible start to a career, nothing is more attractive than ambition.

    3. To take risks, be daring as I am in London and I want to experience everything fun possible. You only have one life to live and I wanna live it crazy! Who knows, maybe i could branch out to other countries, New York is definitely on my to do list!

  2. Hi. Finally, after trying to get into your blog all they, it worked! Hurray! I love your new years resolutions . They are clear and nothing to big ambitions. I kind of having the same new years resolutions as you are. I want to get more healthy, get more structured when it comes to uni work and life in general. I want to travel more around London so I can discover new places like antic shops, coffee places or just a new park. I just want to enjoy life in general and be happy :-)) xx