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So it seems to be ages since I last looked even at this blog, but due to one of my best friends, Nina, carrying on her blog whilst being at University, she has motivated me to want to restart mine, I know i seem to always keep on saying this but its true I really want to try this time!

So... we have a lot of catching up to do.

Firstly where do I start,
University has completely changed my life, I am in a city that i have fallen in love with more so, than i first thought. London is defiantly my new home, going home experiencing my past makes me appreciate the opportunities i am currently experiencing. The freedom, diversity, cultural awareness makes me love this city even more. I can be whoever i want and dress the way i want and no one bats an eyelid, who would of thought it, one morning having an outfit completed with a pair of black birkenstocks and then my fashion design flatmate comes out with her white ones completing her outfit. This flat mate being Sophie, born the same day and year as me, and we are only like 1 or 2 hours apart, we call each other twins because both of us seem to always wear black and white clothing, maybe its an obsession we both have, but Dr Martens is another common love we both share. Then we go to the other flat mate, Katie who couldn't be the more opposite, doing Sport Rehabilitation, the idea of me and Sophie doing sports as such makes us both squirm but us three clicked and chill whenever we are all in.
Sophie and I, Pizza on our first night!
Katie and I

Secondly, my course...
When i first rocked up to the class i felt a little out of place with my group everyone being quirky, a bit of indie, i don't know i just felt out of place, everyone telling about their music taste's, the diversity from 90s RnB to Indie Rock, plain jane me said that i love disney music and cheesy pop, i think i actually stated the cheetah girls because me, Katie and Sophie had been listening to them earlier in the day. I wasn't embarrassed i didn't want to say the same, i wanted to stay true to myself and not lie. Then the next topic we came onto was celebrities, with my obsession with celebrity culture this was an easy topic, we spent about half that class getting to know each other but that half an hour was spent talking about the Kardashians, which is an easy subject for me! With that fast forward 8 weeks, I don't feel that outcast any longer, the whole group are a whole we all get on, i like to think as us as a dysfunctional family, but it works we are all friends. One of the highlights so far from the First Term was the styling workshop we had with one of the Universities Lecturers, Martine Rose, who i should of done some research into as everyone was so in owe of her, whilst i was like whats the fuss, and i guess thats why we seemed to get on, due to me not filtering myself and basically dissing her genre of clothing which her designs are heavy based, saying it wasn't my style and found it boring, yes i said this to established designer, who has had shows on LFW, with clients such as Drake, Chris Brown and Rihanna wearing her designs, she is legit, and theres me a boy full of dreams saying i hate urban/street clothing etc, but she asked me what i wanted to do, and being serious she said keep working towards your dreams and make sure you make it happen, she was so supportive and didn't laugh although i did say i wanted to be on Fashion Police she completely understood what i wanted and she stilled pushed me to take the risk and stick with it. I believe her advice will stick with me and motivate me whenever i doubt myself, and i prize her advice.

The friends i have made here are some that i hope never to lose, they have taught me so much, my close 5 knitted friends are Nina, Adam, Jess, Elizabeth and Lewis (not pictured due to me not having a picture he'd want me to share!), we hang out as much as we can, and they have made me more confident and they put up with the crap that comes out of my mouth and my lovely mood swings when i have them. I am actually flying to Norway to see Nina, as she is Norwegian, she is going to be taking me out and about round Oslo but also showing her way of life in the countryside and there is also talk of us visiting Sweden for the day whilst I'm also out there, so I'm so excited!
Also Adam is coming to mine for Christmas, due to both of us working over Christmas holidays, Adam can't fly home to Poland for a day, so my family are embracing him this Christmas and I'm so excited to show him an English Christmas Dinner as he has never had one before, its not just me excited, my whole family are so excited and he has his own christmas present bag!

Jess, Me and Adam
Elizabeth and Me
and finally, Confidence and Weight Loss..
Since being here i have felt my most confident with who i am and also my appearance, being here for just over 3 months, i have lost between 2 and half stone to 3 stone, since i haven't weighed myself for like 3 weeks now, but for first time in ages I'm able to wear the clothes i wear and my style is evolving, I'm now the same size i was when i was 14/15 i have a long way to go before I'm at my goal weight but this is a step in the right direction!

Nearly 3 Stone Lighter Me!
I know this is a long post but i wanted to share with you guys what is happening in my life, look forward to a post on Norway as I'm sure to keep you updated, this blog has become my New Year Resolution. Can not wait for 2015!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I can´t wait for you coming to visit me. I am so happy that you want to visit Norway and me. I miss you loads and loads. See you soooooon! Love you. xx