Day 3 and 4 - Peace and the E! Network in a Hidden Cabin!


For the past 2 days, i have spent relaxing and having some down time with my best friend, whilst watching movies, doing some university work and literally learning Norwegian history from Nina's Father. Whilst then realising how in the realising how in the middle of nowhere i truly was looking over the forest in Nina's balcony over the morning sky.

Day 1 - I had a late start due to me sleeping for more than 12+ hours, i must of been extremely tired, to the lack of sleep i have accumulated over the last 3 days. We woke up surrounded by fresh snow, and Nina was determined to show me the proprieties she had one her land, two extra cabins and a lot of other buildings surrounded her beautiful home. Nina kept laughing at my comparisons of her home to Narnia and Twilight, but in my mine it made sense and looked exactly the same to the films, its the only way what i was seeing was to natural compare it to the movies.

After this we went inside and made some breakfast and then watched I'm sure Keeping Up With The Kardashians, E! News, well basically the whole day schedule of the E! Network. When Nina's parents had come back, her mother made us all a homemade pizza it was so nice, I'm not even saying it to be nice but it was so nice! After this me and Nina went into the movie room and ended up watching Divergent, Maleficent and Olympus has Fallen. To which we then went off to bed for the evening.

Day 2 - Both me and Nina wake up at Midday and like the day before we ended up watching crap television and whilst doing University work with Nina as we have paired up for the new assignment for this term, whilst also trying to do Moodboards for the Topman Design projects. Again like the day before we waited till her parents arrived, and Nina cooked us dinner, afterwards Nina's parents told me about history of Norwegian Traditional dress due to me being a fashion student they thought it would be interesting for me to know whilst they also told me about the family history also. After this we ended up again in the movie room watching a movie called RED.

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