Norway Day 1 - Delays, Delays and exploring Oslo at Night.


So i finally made it to Norway, after my plane getting delayed for 5 different excuses i heard yesterday, and Gatwick departure lounge being exacuated due to the fire alarm, and then having to wait for my plane to be changed due to a fault in the plane i was suppose to be on and then sitting on the plane for them to then put the luggage on because they were left behind. It was a nightmare but totally worth it.
When i finally made it to Oslo, i had to board a atrain to the Centeral Station and thats when Nina met me, yes we did that embarressing thing when we first see one another and ran towards each other in a huge embrace!

After then getting myself a 24 hour tube card, we caught the tube to somewhere i still cant prenounce and whilst waiting to catch a bus, the snow started driftying down, Nina told me she was hoping it was going to snow for me when i got here but stopped a few days prior so it was like fate that it did start to snow, we then caught the bus to Nina's sisters apartment where we are staying for tonight, and we dropped of my luggage and go straight back out, we caught the bus and then the tube back into the heart of the Oslo and we decided to go to the Royal Palace first.
I didnt have an expection, to me every Royal Palace has a different feeling, the Norwegian one was no exception with its relaxed vibe to which then Nina stated that the Royal Family, are very down to earth and when out in the public eye they are full of their own personalities and not finding or taking themselves to seriously. When then carried walking down the Karl Johan, which is massive road which has Nina's favourite building the National Theatre, many shops and festive lights, with art work and statues shown around. The Oslo University and the skating rink, we carried walking down past all the high street shops and then we got down to Centeral Station.
We walked around the corner and headed towards the Royal Opera house whilst it continued to snow and we ended up walking to the top of it looking out other the bay and over the city landscape and spent possibly which felt over an hour just staring and listening to just silence.
After this we walked down and back to Centeral Station but stopped of at Egon to grab and bit to eat and then caught the tube and bus back to the apartment that now brings me to now, we are both here sitting watching sex and the city ready to wake up super early tomorrow morning to go exploring all day!
Hope you have all had a wonderful day!

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