Norway Day 5 & 6- Sweden and a city I can't pronounce!


So on Friday, me and Nina woke up pretty early to head off for Sweden to go to a shopping mall which is what she said was her and her best friends stopping ground. We travelled for about half an hour to the Swedish and Norwegian borderline, where Nina's father pulled over and we got out to see it, it was the first border i had visited and i expected there to be security everywhere, but there wasn't. Norway and Sweden seem to be very close as two nations and literally all there was, was speed bumps across to the following country.

Anyways as we got out the car their was a huge statue and a little bridge to which Nina's father told me was the worlds smallest bridge over a border, to which i was surprised to hear but yet totally could understand as it was so random and so small. But with the flags up and not moving due to no wind, i felt so at ease and so involved with the history and the fact that i was a child and pretended to walk from Norway to Sweden or jumping left to right saying i was either in Norway or Sweden.

Heading back to the car we drove like 5 minutes to the shopping mall and looked around and went to the pharmacy due to Nina and her family all having the flu, and we when in a few cloth shops and Nina took me to her favourite candy store, well this candy store was the biggest i have ever seen and i spent almost 5 pounds on sweets to what Nina said was a big bag.
Back in the car again we head to a city that i can't spell or pronounce so I am going to get in trouble with Nina and will end updating this blog post with the name, and we got dropped off at Nina's old work place and cute little cafe up on a hill, we went in and had a bit to eat and just chilling whilst chatting, afterwards we went into a boutique opposite the cafe. So Nina could chat to a lady before she headed back home and we ended up talking about how different Oslo was to London and talking a lot about England and the woman loves it over here.
Afterwards we headed back down to another of Nina's hanging out place another shopping mall and i ended up buying some sunglasses from Jack&Jones and then heading to the hospital to get a lift back to Nina's with her mum. We ended up having Swedish meatballs and spaghetti for dinner, my choice, and ended up watching a movie then started packing to start are journey home.
Just a random image of a road in the city
Day 6 - We wake up pretty early and the snow storm has started to hit, we ended are drive to Oslo Airport and check in our luggage and our goodbyes to Nina's parents. After grabbing a bit to eat and facetiming my family we go to our desk where we need to board the plane and i get a text from Norwegian Air saying our flights has been delayed by this time etc, and followed by another 3 texts with more delay times of when we were flying, so once checked on and i think yes I'm finally flying I'm on the bus to get to my plane and we stop, apparently there is no available stairs to get the people who have just landed off the plane and no way of us getting on the plane so we stay on this coach outside the plane for about 40 minutes and finally some stairs arrive and we get on the plane etc etc, and then we are told we will be delayed a little longer due to our baggage not being loaded on board, at this time i have given up and ended up sleeping. But the crew was nice enough and i ended up purchasing a ham and cheese toasty and a hot chocolate and the rest is history.
Hope you liked these blog posts on my Norwegian adventure. Hopefully ill do some more travelling this year and blog them!

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