Norway Days 2 - Rainy Oslo and Departure to the Forest


Day 2, I was woken up very early by Nina's litte nephew running towards me and Nina that had been sleeping on the couch. The morning was quick and by the time i had showered and got dressed, we were off into the fresh morning, which a fresh coat of snow had layed itself all over the street. Pushing a pushchair through the snow and on the ice seemed horrible for Nina, who herself has 20 years of experience with snow in Norway still managed to wear the most unpractical shoes and struggled whilst I wore my Dr Martens and was completely fine. You wonder why we had a pushchair with us it was because we had offered to take Nina's nephew to nursery that morning and then we headed off into Centeral Oslo.

After getting off the tube at the station beside the National Theatre, we headed to this litte cafe, Esperesso House, which i compared to a starbucks meets upper class cafe, and we sat down with some breakfast, I had a cheese, bacon and pesto sandwich and a pepsi max. Whilst Nina had flavoured water and cheese and chicken bagel.  After having a rest and people watching from the long stretched window, we left the cafe and walked towards the stores to do a bit of shopping.

Esperesso House
The weather in Olso, wasnt the greatest and seemed to rain constantly throughout the day, this didnt affect me and Nina as we carried walking through different stores so I could understand the Norwegian style and what sort of clothing they sold. We started off at a shopping centre called Paleet, in which was more focused to the high classed citizens of Oslo, we went into one store i was obsessed with the interior of, it was so urban and the mirrors had excuses you to buy clothes. They also had varied magazine cut outs, of the latest trends stuck upon the walls in collages, which i think was a great way to communicate to the customers what to wear this season.

Afterwards we ended up in this store called UTRO, which was a sort of a norwegian take on the Urban Outfitters in my opinion, I ended up picking up three purchases from the store, as there was a huge sale, 3 for 2 offer, 1 Cardigian, 1 T-shirt and 1 Jumper. We then looked around some more stores and then walked down to the Opera House again to look out upon Oslo and the view in daylight. In which I decided I wanted to take some OOTD's looks in the freezing cold whilst it is also raining, to which Nina was shocked that I was doing something so stupid.

After this me and Nina decided that we wanted to go to the top of the hill on the outskirts of Oslo as such to see if we could get an even higher view of Oslo, up by the skislope but once we got up there the weather had worsen and the fog was so thick that we could hardly see in front of us let alone see the whole of Oslo, so we then go back on the tube back to her sisters.
Upset that we didnt see the view!
we got back and chilled out until about 630pm until Nina's father arrived to pick us up to take us to Nina's house in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the woods. After a quick snooze in the car and eating some crisps, and watching the downfall of snow on the roads, and the winding roads through the forest carried on for atleast an hour or more. We were greated by Nina's mother that had cooked us tea ready for us on the table ready for us to eat, After this Nina showed me around the house and showed me where i would be sleeping and then we went and watched a movie in the movie room. So after the last two days on barely any sleep I was exhausted and so was Nina so we decided to catch an early night....

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