Fashion Film Workshop - University


So for the last three weeks, Uni set up a workshop where we learnt all about Fashion Film. Our end result was to make a short video, which some mean be related to fashion but yet let our creativity run wild. I decided to go down the route of movement, within clothing, hair, wind etc etc. I got videos of music videos and fashion films to be able to make my video, and show above is the end result.

The experience making this video has been enjoyable and have surprised myself at how quickly i seemed to grasp the technical side of using Adobe Premier Pro CC, and really happy with the outcome, it wouldn't be possible for my tutor, who herself let me experiment and seemed happy for when I asked for her to help me outside of class to go over it to make sure I got the best result and the result I wanted at the end short period of time. This experience makes me more excited to again expand when we get to do Fashion Film properly next year in 2nd year.

plus i do not own any of the footage above, copyright is not intended. 

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