This Week's Obsessions - February 2nd 2015


This Weeks Obsessions

So this week, I have got a few obsessions -

Kylie Jenner - So yesterday (Tuesday 3rd Feb) we found out Kylie, will be in LOVE Magazine, and i am just obsessing over her look, although only one photograph has been released but the image she shared on her instagram has got me obsessed, Kylie Jenner blonde is another level!

Abandon Ship - I have fallen in love with the long length tees, that they are currently selling through ASOS, that i know off at the moment, i already have the one shown above, but i have another on the way!

Creepers - so the other week, I brought to pairs of creepers, one pair of Dr Marten ones, and a pair of Underground ones, both on sale, because im such a bargain hunter these days. But me already being 6ft 2 but wanting to be a little taller, they are just completely comfortable and help me be that little bit taller!

Wagamama - well what can i say the Chicken Katsu curry is just ..... Life, thats all i have to say.

Cropped Trousers - I have been um'ing and aw'ing over these for a while thinking would i suit them, but with the more shoes are wearing now, normally i used to live in my Dr Marten boots, I just went ahead and ordered myself some, obviously not the ones shown above but I cant wait to try my pair out with different outfits!

Have a good rest of the week!

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