so you guys, one of best friends here at University, has a pretty cool blog that I always wait weekly for updates on, they range from weekly obsessions to events happening in her life. 

So Nina is from a small village outside of Oslo, Norway and she is over in London for the year for a fabulous experience in the fashion industry, and then she leaves me in a few months to return back to her Homeland to go to a University in Norway, but it wont be the last you will see of her as I'm off back to Norway in September time hopefully to visit! 

So anyway let me tell you a little bit about Nina, so Nina is 20 years old, and she is probably the most genuine person I know, and she tells me her opinions and isn't afraid to tell me that's something I cherish and one of many factors I love with her. At the moment we are paired up for a University project and hopefully when its finished I will post it up on my blog for you all to see! 
Although most of Nina's blog is in Norwegian, you can always use google translate, and her photography is pretty fabulous also. She is the one who got me back into blogging and also reminds me to keep blogging, she shouts at me otherwise. 
So go check her out, her blog link is below!  

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  1. Thank you so much George, you made me tear up a bit here. Lol. But thanks again, love you! xx