Brit Awards 2015


So last week, I attended the Brit Awards.

Due to my mum being the best, for one of my Christmas Presents she brought tickets to the event, due to me being a huge Sam Smith fan and that his tour had completely sold out and she knew that he would be performing at the award show, I was way to excited and when it was confirmed he was going to sing my favourite song of the album, I just knew it would be a moment I wouldn't forget.

So my sister is a huge Ed Sheeran fan, and I wasn't particularly a fan of his new album, but she was like watching him live is amazing, so again at the Brits I also saw him perform and to be honest he was outstanding, although I watched it back on TV the other day and to me it didn't translate very well, the bass and backing music was muted down whereas in the Arena you got that and it was amazing.

Another moment I will not be forgetting is the moment Madonna fell off the stage, the gasps and pure shock that swept the O2 was unforgettable. In the moment leading up to her being dragged off the stairs by her dancers, I turned to my mum and said she hadn't undone that cape and next thing she was one the floor.

Oh one last thing, I finally got to see Kim K in the flesh, even though I wasn't that close, you could defiantly see that bottom of hers, plus I was fan girling so hard and I'm not even embarrassed!

(p.s there would of been way more pictures but due to my phone memory I ran out of storage!)

Sam Smith singing Lay Me Down

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  1. I think you had a wonderful time at the Brit Awards, wish I was there too. You definetly deserved to see your favourite people that night! xx