This Weeks Obsessions - 9th March 2015


So this week I wanted to share this weeks obsessions lets get it started!
This Weeks Obsessions - 9th March 2015

Firstly, let's kick it off with Loni Love, I am becoming obsessed with this woman, at 3pm on a weekday, the Real an American talk show uploads clippets from the show that had been premièred that morning. Loni is an American comedian and even when talking through serious topics she still manages to bring a ray of sunshine to it, through light hearted jokes, but she also brings a dirty side to her with that makes me love her a lot more. If you haven't checked the Real out, I recommend for you to check it out!

Secondly, two songs that I am completely obsessed with shown above, I can't stop listening/singing/humming/tapping along to them. I think I may be driving all my friends and flat mates insane but they both defiantly portray summer vibes which I am loving!

Thirdly, its time for me to finally wear my Jack & Jones sunglasses I brought in Norway, the sun is finally shining down in London town!

Lastly, helix piercings, so I may have gone to Camden on Saturday and got mine pierced, as I have wanted it for ages plus I don't live at home anymore so Mum's opinion doesn't matter!

Have a nice week!

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  1. Love the blogpost, love the sunglasses, love Norway! I love it all, almost xx