So it's been a while, I have sort of taken a hiatus from blogging lately to the end of year deadlines happening at University, I am pretty sure you'll be happy to hear that I only have one essay left to write due this Friday (8th May) but it's fine, I have it all under control.

So the next week is going to be a busy one for me, I'll list the things I will be doing this week below to see if you find it at all interesting!

1) Tuesday, I am finally getting a tattoo, after putting it off for nearly a year. My tattoo is still a bit of a secret don't particularly want some people to know just yet want it to be a surprise! But yes that is happen on Tuesday, so I am pretty certain that will be happening.

2) I have to pick what pathway I will be taking next year on my course, I believe I have chosen it already but I just need to clarify that with my tutors. I am hoping to study Fashion Film next year so I am super excited for that so I have gone and brought a new camera which should be arriving this week also!

3) Heading out of London back home on Thursday, as it is one of my best friend's birthday on Friday and then another friends Birthday party Saturday, So next weekend shall be good! Plus going home and I can get all my clothes washed which is a good thing, which also leads me to the last thing I have planned.

4) I AM HEADING BACK TO NORWAY. So yes, this very very very last minute decision to head back to Norway this time for 12 days, was Nina's idea, as she is moving back and will not be returning for 2nd Year so I will be flying back out to Norway with her and will be spending the Weekend in Oslo. This is super exciting for me as its one of the biggest weekends in Norway this year due to it being 17th May which is represented as the National Day of Norway so I can't wait to be there to celebrate it! Plus me and Nina are pretty excited to explore more new places from last time I was in Norway also!

P.s - Norway Days - Daily Blogging and maybe even Vlogs (Video Blogs) may be happening everyday whilst I'm in Norway so watch this space. The Vlogs will be uploaded to a new youtube channel I have created. (Linked Below)

Have a great week!

Youtube -

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