23rd November 2015 - Life, Update, Univeristy


I guess my blog is mainly made up of these me always telling you that I am going to get back to my blog always keep on blogging, promising I will be back, but I guess I have commitment issues then..

After spending summer back at home at the family house, I have returned back to London for my second year of University, where this year I have specialised in Fashion Film. My summer was basically me catching up with friends and chilling most of the summer with obviously some family issues chucked in there too but who doesn't have that. Also got myself a little Sunday job at the local pub working the Carvery. If you didn't know what that is, it's basically a help yourself to a Roast Dinner and I basically carved the meat.

Since coming back to University, I now leave in a huge house with a few close friends although lets put it this way the house is just standing. But it is now Home and where I will be spending the next two years until I graduate. What else has happened ... oh yeah and romance has blossomed with me and a guy but I guess I am not ready to share it all with you just yet! Oh and I am shooting my first proper Fashion Film this weekend so I am sure will share some BTS and when I have completely finished it, I will share it with you guys!

More exciting news, come January I am off to see Nina again, in the beautiful country that is Norway, life has changed with her also, she is now living Oslo and is changing University courses again.. But you can go check that out on her new blog that is linked below.

PLUS - I now have Blonde/White/Grey Hair it changes in my surrounding lights! 

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  1. Hhahaha, George. Exciting times I have in front of me! Love that you are coming soon, and I can´t wait to see you again. I´m so excited! And I am very HAPPY that you are finally blogging again! xx Love you