Let's talk about Coats..


Hey Guys,

So its the season here in the UK where it it is cold and rainy like everyday but then most British people would then argue its like that all year round.
Well anyway coats, I am a lover of long coats such as trench coats. I have two myself I have a Black Trench Coat from UNIQLO that I probably purchases two years ago and have worn a lot, I got it on sale reduce I think from £199 to like £79, but anyway I love it. Then also my other one I have is a light grey Hugo Boss, smart light overcoat is the only way I can describe it, I brought it from Mary's Living and Giving store in Primrose Hill, London for around £60 pounds. They aren't pictured below but that doesn't mean they might be coming up in an OOTD post in the next few weeks. But below are some coats they I love and that are posted on my Pinterest, go check out my style inspiration board:-

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