My Dreams and Goals


Currently I am in the time of deciding what I want to do or what I want to achieve, as I am fully aware of is that I am a daydreamer and currently I literally daydream about the same thing which has lead for it to me believing to be a new dream of mine.

So this dream is that I am currently thinking seriously about moving to Oslo once I graduate after University in about and year and half time. But in order to get contacts with in the fashion industry out there I need to find internships out there for next summer. So this is a goal of mine at the moment is searching to find internships so I can make this happen. Nina and I have spoken about this and she is more than willing to let me move in for a month or two to achieve this that could lead for me to get a full time job hopefully the following year and I can permanently move out there!

Another goal for me to do as part of my course is to get a 6 week internship in January at either a PR Agency or with a Fashion Film-creator, but not having so much at the moment but still currently being proactive and applying for more! 

Wish me luck!

Tell me about your current goals or dreams in the comment section!

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