Stressed and things not going to plan...


So as I said that I was shooting my Fashion Film for Rollacoaster magazine over the weekend, well I shoot it and it wasn't what I wanted, and I feel like the tutors knew that as well. So basically I am having to recreate the whole shoot with a whole new concept, different model, put together style sheets, model poses etc within a week. By next Monday, I need to have filmed the new concept and be ready to edit it. As you can probably think I am never stressed ontop of that I have had to quickly shoot a home photoshoot with one of my housemate (the time is 1:19am on 2nd December), to present images to a workshop tomorrow. Whilst also finding an internship for January/Febraury, so stressed is my middle name and the moment. Basically if I don't blog to much this week you understand why..

What you up too this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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