Birthday Wish List


So my birthday is happening on the 29th June, where i will be turning 20 years old. Although all my birthday money will be spent on rent as i am essentially screwed as i am a broke ass student. I was just looking on Polyvore and found a few things that essentially i want but also i practically need also. For example the suitcase is a must as I travel minimum twice a year on holiday and when travelling home to my mums house i dont have anything to take clothes home with and I need a four wheel one due to my height so it can wheel beside me instead of be dragging one and always either it hits the back of my feet or i trip over it, plus also black shorts as its summer and need to tan these pasty white legs.
Hope you enjoy this list collage I whiped together and maybe give your suggestions that I could possibly like.
George x Birthday Wish List

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