This will make no sense.


Wanting to write something but not knowing what too, that is the main concept behind the post at 1.27am on a Sunday, well i guess Monday morning. I don't know why but i am awake just thinking about life. This has become a reoccurring factor in my life know, wondering what if i do this or what if i had done that, where will I end up etc etc. This may have just been sprung up because i had a few friends around tonight chatting of where we plan on living when we graduate, and you are probably thing why are you thinking about that already. Well the sad reality is that its only a year away, and i can't be naive about it, i really need to start thinking about it, i need to financially stable myself, make sure i have a future job lined up but also have a job currently to pay for bills, pay off my overdraft and pay for other things that student loan just doesn't cover.

I think this next year and i think is fitting as i turn 20 this month is now to grow up, and have an 'adult' frame of mind, be savvy with my decisions and how that now really effect my future. I want to excel this year and prove a point to myself that i am capable, i can do this on my own, but also i feel like i want to prove my peers at uni that i can be understated and i am sort of the underdog as no one has really seen me be passionate about something or even really seen me enjoy something except for my housemates who i live with now about my internship or the past few days when i was doing the graduate show. But most of all i guess the main person i want to prove a point to is myself and really do this for myself, i want to show myself what i am capable and how far i can take it and how it can really impact others and myself.

So yeah after that ramble and letting where my brain wonder and i guess what i am experessing, i am offically calling it a night and going to sleep. Night.

George x

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