Turning 20!


Hello Twenties,

So now my teenage years are over, I have had a tricky few 2 months struggling with being unemployed and having no money to pay rent for the summer before I start my 3rd and final year of University. But everything seems to be turning around for the good, I am HAPPY. I guess that is something I have be striving for in the last few months is happiness, struggling with debts and having no money, not being able to go out whilst my friends have been going out had made me go into some sort of funk. But with my birthday week (yes I celebrate it as a week) with London Gay Pride and then going out on my actual birthday and all my friends coming to celebrate me was something that I couldn't describe and was overwhelming.  But since my 20th Birthday everything has started to get more positive I now have a job for the summer where I will be earning good money, be able to pay back the money I owe family members, pay rent and bills and be able to go out with my friends and not feel disconnected from my circle of friends and no also being more excited knowing I will be able to go away in September with my best friends for one of their birthdays!

So yes it may take time and you may get down just know everything gets better, and we all deserve happiness.



P.S Have a baby picture of me!

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