Hello Again...


Where has the last year and half gone. I graduate and now live in another country.. i know what the hell right?

so let me fill you all in....

1) I GRADUATED.... June 2017, i did it, i graduated with a 2:1, to the end of my time at university, some people say its the best time, and you feel like you don't want to leave etc. It was the opposite for me, I could barely get the energy to finish. In my mind i was finished at the christmas, the last 5 months was the hardest, I was over it! But i finish, i handed everything in, not to the best of my ability but i did, and like i said beforehand i got a 2:1 grade which also is technically is a B grade.

2) I HAVE MOVED.... so you may have seen my previous posts about constantly visiting to Norway and my love for it. Well what can i say, I'm here, living everyday for the last 9 months here in Oslo. So i handed in my final assignment at University on the Friday and literally the Monday after I was on a plane moving with two suitcases. I will probably do another blog post about all the reasoning why I moved, but what i can at the moment is i am happy.

3) YEAR OF TRAVEL.... so this year, working full time and having money behind me I am exploring. Literally two weeks today, I will be in USA, New York and New Jersey is where ill be, I also have another trip lined up in July, Im off to Poland to a festival but I am also thinking of planning a last minute trip in end of May, beginning of June, possibly Italy?

I feel like i have rambled on for a little bit, but i hope to post more in the following few months, i have missed writing on here and didn't completely forget but never got around to clicking on and typing.

But i will be back soon!


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